A Heartfelt Chat with Dr. Foojan Zeine is a show talking about what matters the most to you in life. Listen to tips of day about life, interviews with experts in the field of psychology, and authors of the books about humanity.

In this segment of Inner Voice - Heartfelt Chat with Dr. Foojan on KMET 1490 AM / ABC News Radio (Turn Fear to Power), Dr. Foojan Zeine talks to Arjang Zendehdel, founder of  Dreamality Education & Coaching to teach people how to achieve their potential and live their dreams. As President and Head Trainer of Dreamality, Arjang has created an innovative and proven step-by-step system for creating results in all aspects of life. To do so, he has combined profound wisdom integrated from 14 disciplines and invented some of the most cutting-edge techniques in the world called Precision Transformation Technology™, including the revolutionary Emotional Transformation™ techniques. Dr. Foojan also brings you the latest research about children told lies by parents subsequently lie more as adults, face adjustment difficulty. 'If you don't behave, I'll call the police,' is a lie that parents might use to get their young children to behave. Parents' lies elicit compliance in the short term, but a new psychology study suggests that they are associated with detrimental effects when the child becomes an adult.  www.foojan.com 

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