A Heartfelt Chat with Dr. Foojan Zeine is a show talking about what matters the most to you in life. Listen to tips of the day about life, answers your questions, and interview with experts in the field of psychology, and authors of books about humanity.

Inner Voice – a Heartfelt Chat with Dr. Foojan on KMET 1490 AM / ABC News Radio.  In this segment- Subconscious, Emotions, and Burnout- Dr. Foojan shares the Tip of the Week about how to act with your anger, constructive or destructive. She chats with Eugen Popa, President of the Romania Hypnosis Association and an international speaker and trainer. Eugen has been studying, practicing, and teaching hypnosis and other therapeutic and personal development interventions for over 13 years in Europe, USA, Latin America, and Asia. He is a Certified Master Trainer in Hypnosis, NLP, Parts Therapy, Yagerian Therapy, Resource Therapy, and many other wonderful mindful and heartful interventions. www.EugenePopa.com Use this link to sign up for the International Hypnosis Summit for free - https://drfoojanzeine--prosuccess.thrivecart.com/hypno-special/ Dr. Foojan shares how to handle tying the knot or other commitment anxieties. Then She brings you Dr. Sharon Grossman is the founder of the Exhausted to Extraordinary™ Method, a 3-step method to unblock your mind, reshape your thinking, and return the joy to your work in 90 days. As a psychologist, coach, and author of the international bestseller, The 7E Solution to Burnout, Dr. Sharon works with 6-figure executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals in high-stress industries who are struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout. She shares tips and strategies as a keynote speaker and on her weekly podcasts, Optimize Your Life and The Women in Medicine Badass Radioshow. www.drsharongrossman.com

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